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I have another request, it is big but it worth it.

You have pure reporting tool and i offer you to take all the best from OpenERP7 ( they hve very flexible and great reporting tool, i didnt see anything better in any other ERP)


Screenshot is in attach ( you can get OpenERP7 free trial for 3 users to see ).


All the best,

Alexander Sokhanych



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We do have a Reports module available with the professional edition of the software, which has some more advanced reporting tools available. You can see it on the Demo Server and play around with the other reports available there.



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Yes, i see it and it is not optimal also.


Maybe it is no my matter, but i offer to you to make Custom Reporting / Chart Creator for all versions: user will use it actively and you will get a lot of suggestions rather than hide it and leave as is, really.

You will get a lot at least from myself. What do you think?




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It's not really my place to comment on Open Source vs Pro features, but we do need to pull in revenue. Generally the features that are behind the professional license are more advanced features or more specific customizations that you don't necessarily need in a smaller organization. 


I think you're right that Reports could use some improvements... realistically the issue is that off the top of my head I can think of enough features that could use improvements to keep me busy for the next year, so we tend to work on what people ask for first. We haven't had a lot of requests for new features on the Reports module, and the ones we've had requested we've implemented. 



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Hi Jake,


Sure, it is also not my place to comment OpenSource and pro, but i not sure that reporting will be one of main features to generate revenues (especially it is not finished) as main revenues are generating by medium/big size clients, not like mine with 2-3 sales managers.


I am sure you will go into good revenues as clients will see good main things and main things to switch to Pro version will be support/reliability rather than install it on own servers (pay own dev for support).

Just want all the best for your product but don`t want for you to make same mistakes as did other platforms, in any way it is your product and your choice, i just want all the best for you.

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