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X2 as my email client

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Just wondering if I can use X2 (version 7.1) as an email client?  For example, can X2 replace Outlook?  If yes, how do I set this up?  I have entered a couple of email addresses and was wondering how to use them in X2 as a stand alone email client.


I clicked on the Email link under the Actions Module and Received the following (see screen shot; attached) post-11528-0-98978100-1570817588_thumb.png


Where/how can I add this to my community edition?




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Hello TechnoDino,


You are receiving this error because you are using a version of PHP that is not compiled with the PHP-IMAP extension. This extension is required to use the CRM as an email client. You will need to ask your webhost to install the extension.

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Thanks. questions


1. what version of PHP should I use?

2. Where/how do I get access to the code to install.  

3. Instructions for installation.


I can get to the directory holding my X2 files using File Manager in cPanel. I might be able to install with some good instructions.

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