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I am using X2CRM for past three weeks and I found it's great. My question is can we reset the Visibility with Custom values. As it currently have PUBLIC, PRIVATE, USERGROUPS. This visibility explains as Public - Can be seen by all, Private - Can be seen by the assigned To person only , Usergroup - Whomever (A newly created group) are added(Sales Executive's) in a group can see the task(Action,contact or anything).


I have three users Admin, Team Leader and Sales Executive. Admin granted with all access , Team leader granted with median access , and sales Executive granted with some minimal access. 


In a simple way it can be seen as Admin > Team leader > Sales Executive.


So, If a task (Action) is assigned by Team leader to Sales Executive . Its need to be SEEN by the Team leader as well as Sales Executive alone and shouldn't be visible to anyone(Other team leaders and other sales executive's) unless it's  admin (Yeah he's the one who created all users). 


And I wanna add one more detail that my CRM contains 5 groups with multiple sales representative added with single Team leader for each group. I tried User Group's Visibility . But when I (Team Leader)  assign to a person (Sales Executive) with visibility set to USER GROUP's for action, only the assigned TO (Sales Executive) person able to see the task(Action) not by Team leader . Neither Visibility Private wasn't working as if I assign To only the sales executive, he/she can alone able to see that Task (Action) but not by the Team Leader.


Important note - I don't wan't to create individual group for each sales executive as it's time consuming and I don't think so it would be manageable. 


This was my problem.


It would great full if anyone have any solution. 

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