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I'm a newbie so most of my questions are newbie questions regarding the functionality and usage of X2.  Some are more "philosophical" like the following series of questions about processes and workflows.


What are the differences between  Process and a Workflow?   When would I use each one? Which one can be used to collect data and update records?


I'm using X2 to manage & collect information on connection activities associated with my contacts on LinkedIn.  I have a "series" of actions that I use to collect this data (I can provide details if needed and maybe even a flow chart if these would be helpful).  I'm tracking dates related to sending invites to connect; connections accepted and so on.  I have created custom fields to store the dates. 


How can I automate this (small no doubt) series of steps to include automated entry of the dates and updating records? Would this be a process or a workflow?


Thanks in advance





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Hi John, 


If you want only to triggered automated actions then you can just use the workflow, which can be set to activate under different circumstances and can be use to make changes in your records. Process are more for managing and tracking your records. The best solution I can recommend is to use Process to see what stage your records are at and have a workflow trigger off of that stage.



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