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Creating dependent dropdown list

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Hi there,


just started evaluating x2crm and am very much impressed with the ease of customizing modules and fields. I am however struggling with 2 major problems, and was hoping someone could give me some direction:


1. I have created a module to manage data assets, but need to add either a dropdown or lookup field - values from another module. This field needs to be filtered on an entity type in the source value list. for instance: the module data assets has a lookup field called entity type, which is populated with values from another module's field entitytype, filtered on value "Digital Data Asset"


2. I have tried with Firefox, Chrome and Edge (thought it could be a browser problem) to create a workflow. I cannot drag and drop to the board. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to configure something?


I have searched in the forum and user guide, but could not find a solution. It seems there are other users with similar issues...any possibility to learn about the solution(s) workarounds?



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Hi oem2,


Have you figured it out yet. My input would be:

1. You can use a lookup field in your new module that will built a relationship with the record in the other module. Once you have that, you can pull through and field from the related module record using daisy chain in your formula. You can however did a conditional filter. That's if I understand your need correctly.


2. Did you select a trigger to start the flow? Your flow items are dependent on your trigger type.


How that helps.

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