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Hi guys,


I am trying to chain attributes for a email send field from a contact record.


I want to sent email in a flow to the Assigned To users email but cant seem to find the field names correctly. Looking at the DB and the fields in X2 it seems to be: {AssignedTo.emailAddress}. But the trigger log doesn't seem to want to see it as the legitimate field.


Can someone advice on what the chained string would be for To: field for the assigned users email address?





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Hi Isaiah,


I am not sure what you mean with being underscore. Do you mean lower case (assignedTo) or underscore as in "_AssignTo". As spelling is compulsory one cant trial by error as there are hundred of spelling permutations.


The other question might be if you can use chained attributed in the To: field of the eMail item for flows at all?


See attachment as the log shows Failure: To: cannot be blank. Meaning the field doesn't recognize chained attribs


Please advise.



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