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Products visible to specific users only

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Hi guys,


Is there any elegant way to assign products to specific users, roles or groups. This is so Users in the system will only see certain products.


We have a large list of products. We only want some system users to see some of the products they are allowed to. Such as 'special deal' product for them.


Is at as simply as creating an "Assigned' custom field for the products module?


Can anyone advise? It's live system so I don't really want to mess about and 'test' the idea.





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Hey Eugene,


Yes, you're on the right track, you will need to add both 'assigned' and 'visibility' fields to products, both with their respective field types. You might want to also set the default visibility for new products to "User's Groups." Then, create groups for each of the users, segmented according to your needs. Finally, update all of the existing products to be assignedTo a member of its respective group, and visibility set to "User's Groups." Any products can then still be shared between groups by setting visibility to public.



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