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Strange database connection error

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I've run the system requirements test and all is fine.

I've created a database and I can login no problems via mySQLadmin.

However while running the install script for X2CRM, I am not able to connect to the database.


When testing the connection, I get "Could not connect to host or select database."


If I proceed anyway, here is the full error that I get:


SQLSTATE[42000] [1044] Access denied for user '35443427_xxdb_u33'@'%' to database '35443427_xxdb'

  • Host Name: please check that it is correct
  • Database Name: please check that it is correct
  • Username: please check that it is correct
  • Password: please check that it is correct

I don't understand where the encoded characters are coming from. I find this error strange.


I'm installing X2 V3.5.6


Is there another way I can get database connection details into the application (just like I can manually enter them into a WordPress config file)?


Thanks for any light on the issue.

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Guest x2demitri

This looks like a character encoding issue; that sequence of HTML-encoded characters translates to Ã¯Â»Â¿Ã¯Â»Â¿35443427_xxdb 


What characters are in the name field, if any, besides 35443427_xxdb?


Unfortunately, the problem is that you need a database connection to begin with for the installation process, and it won't be easy to install manually.

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I just pasted in the database name, host and user as plain text.

The pasted values are plain alpha-numeric characters plus "_"

The DB name is simply 35443427_xxdb

It's like the form submit action is doing something.


This is why I'm confused.


(Using Firefox on OSX.)

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