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Haven't found anyone who has done this yet.


I haven't done it either, but am thinking it needs to be done. My suggestion is Xero, as it's quite popular.

Thinking a one-way auto sync of invoices and products alone would be enough initially in the free version.

contacts/accounts would be nice, but probably a bit complex so would hold up getting the integration out. 

If you miss a zero, it's bad news, but if you misspell a name during a manual entry or copy/paste, no big one.


It'd have to be smart enough to allow updates or changes to invoices to sync through. It's common to have to delete/cancel/update/review stuff, so the sync has to be robust around that.


Goal is the sales & service staff do & send invoices in x2crm, but the accounts track it all and count the beans in Xero.

Not thinking we need an interface into xero from x2crm.


We don't want the accountant to need to login to x2crm and do double entry, unless they want to.



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I've started working on connecting X2Engine to Saasu within my custom solution. 


My strategy currently is to create a Quote, then code the API call directly into the Controller method that converts to an invoice. My initial results have been quite successful, and I'll be working to improve that over the next few months.


Probably the best strategy would be if X2Engine create official Zapier support. That way you can then connect to heaps of other systems. Additionally, the current external API calls in X2Flow need to be improved to process responses from those calls. 


In this particular situation, X2Engine's API will need to be improved for the quotes module, as I believe it doesn't fully support quotes and invoices properly as it stands.

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