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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am using X2CRM for past three weeks and I found it's great. My question is can we reset the Visibility with Custom values. As it currently have PUBLIC, PRIVATE, USERGROUPS. This visibility explains as Public - Can be seen by all, Private - Can be seen by the assigned To person only , Usergroup - Whomever (A newly created group) are added(Sales Executive's) in a group can see the task(Action,contact or anything). I have three users Admin, Team Leader and Sales Executive. Admin granted with all access , Team leader granted with median access , and sales Executive granted with some mini
  2. Hi guys, currently a process is linked to a module via the Record type option. Yet the processes are all still visible in all modules. This makes it not very user friendly as users have to 'remember' which process fits where. We are using naming convention to help users. However other functions such as macro triggering and doc are only visible for the module they are typed to. Makes sense. Is it possible to make Processes only visible in their Record type module? Thanks Eugene
  3. Hi guys, Is there any elegant way to assign products to specific users, roles or groups. This is so Users in the system will only see certain products. We have a large list of products. We only want some system users to see some of the products they are allowed to. Such as 'special deal' product for them. Is at as simply as creating an "Assigned' custom field for the products module? Can anyone advise? It's live system so I don't really want to mess about and 'test' the idea. Thanks Eugene
  4. Hi guys, I am trying to make a new lead & contact via lead webform's visibility be private when created by the system. We are trying to keep leads and their contacts private before allocating them to Users. I have set the visibility field settings for both Leads module and Contacts module as default Private to try and achieve this. But still if a lead is generated by a webform and it creates its related contact record, both records are still Public visible and thus all can see. It takes the admin or record owner to manually update visibility to private. Is this a fixable bug? Tha
  5. Dear X2 Engineering Team, Currently the Contacts modules grid is not respecting the "Private" or "User's Groups" viewing "Visibility" privileges. Perhaps this is the case because "All Contacts" list is set as "Anyone" as the "Owner"? This happens in the default "Contacts" index page and with "All Contacts" links ("/index.php/contacts" and "/index.php/contacts/index"). I did noticed under "Lists" that "All Contacts" is set to "Anyone" as the owner, but shouldn't "All Contacts" ownership be set to "User's Groups" as the default "Owner"? Or at the very least be set by the higher user role wi
  6. hi, i want to use x2engine for generate leads and make sales by my agents. so that i want all users data personal ,so one user should see and manage only his data, and all contacts ,account ,sales created by the particular user must be visible to only that particular user who created this,expect if the user assign to any other user and by default it should not be assigned to anyone . but here i can't find a perfect solution for that. is it possible by creating a new routing rule for lead distribution ? and i want to create such new admins ( user with special permissions ) who can
  7. I need that some users (managers) can override limited visibility of actions, contacts, etc. (like admin). It can be a sort of admin group or similar. thank you.
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