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Found 16 results

  1. Hey Guys, So i've imported a large number of contacts to my system however, now i need to create relationships to a new module that i created called "Company" & Accounts. As their are a large number of contacts, companies and accounts is their a quick way of linking all the modules together through the front end or is their a way of relating the modules through the back end. Thanks
  2. Hello, Please help me with the relationships between tables. I want have made relationship b/w ACCOUNTS and CONTACTS module with the help of lookup field type but it takes only the first column of the CONTACTS table (i.e. Name of Contact), however I want to link the 4th column (i.e., Address) of the CONTACT Table to ACCOUNTS table. Please help me how to do that in X2CRM. Thanks alot. Regards Sunain Qamar
  3. Hello, I have been trying around with the demo but could not find this out: Is there a possiblity to build a report that includes relationships: For example, if I assign a contact to an account via a relationship, can I build a report that shows accounts that have a relationship with a contact that has a specific name? And can I filter them based on the label that I have assigned to the relationship? Thank you in advance for your help
  4. Hello All, How would I be able to view all relationships between Contacts and Accounts. I would like to be able to easy view all relationships at once in a report instead of only being able to view them a while I'm viewing just one contact. Does any one know how that could be done. Thanks a million, OrangeGrape
  5. When a MODULE XXX is connected back to CONTACT, it creates a RELATIONSHIP. It would be good to have Workflow be able to see the relationship exists (and access to the fields of the connecting relationship; like chained attributes) in either Module to execute process. Example 1. Membership Module (MM) is linked to CONTACT. In the CONTACT record we can see the Relationship to MM. In Contact I want to set a field based on whether a Relationship between MM exists, or not. Then I can create lists based on the relationship existing e.g. Membership List. Example 2: ModuleA and ModuleB are tw
  6. I want to set a field to say "YES" on a CONTACT record if a Relationship has been established between that CONTACT from another MODULE. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I might do that? I can't find any way to access the RELATIONSHIPs displayed on the Contact Record. e.g. We have a Membership Module. It links to the CONTACT. In CONTACT we can see that the RELATIONSHIP is established with the module, MEMBERSHIP. But unless I then manually create a reciprical LINK BACK to the MEMBERSHIP Module, I can't access the fact there is a relationship with MEMBERSHIP and therefore ca
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Good evening all, When viewing the relationships in accounts, you can see the all contacts, opportunities, etc. that are connected to the account. However, it would not appear that you can see the children of a parent account. Is this the case? We have setup a parent account (e.g. the head company of a group of companies) and then identified in the children that the parent account is the parent (with the parent field that is available). It would seem that you can see if an account has a parent, but you can't see if an account has a child. Furthermore, if you could identify the children
  10. Hello, I created a new Module called Companies. Within this I have a Field Contact Person, a field called Website etc. Now I'm opening a company and when I click the "Contact Person" I want to be moved to the "Contacts" Module to see the Contacts persons details. How can I do that? thank you!
  11. We have used a solution in the past that had a feature we would like to suggest. When creating a relationship, it would be great if we could define HOW the linked record is related, with reciprocals. Examples might be: Contact1 is the child of contact2 contact2 is the partent of contact1 contact1 is the cpa for contact3 contact3 is the client of contact1 etc..... If we see a record link currently, we don't know HOW the record is related. Just thinking out loud. Would that be useful to anyone else? Thanks.
  12. Trying out X2. Imported a list of Contacts. That worked fine. They all had Account names and that Account was automatically created and when viewing a list of Contacts, the account is there and clickable. However, when you click on the Account to view its details, there are zero relationships. Shouldnt all those Contacts automatically become relationships? Without that I dont see a way from the Accounts screen to view all Contacts for that account. Did I miss a step during the import? If this is by design, is there a way to mass import or add a list of Contacts as relationships to an Acc
  13. Hi All - Before jumping into X2, I'm hoping someone can answer me a question regarding functionality. I'm trying to track relationships between accounts, and enter the relationship only once. For instance, - if I go into the record Asus and designate Intel as a supplier, Ingram Micro as a distributor, and Amazon as a reseller. - I want to be able to go into the record Intel and see Asus as a customer, go into the record Ingram Micro and see Asus as a supplier, and go into the record Amazon and see Asus as a supplier without having to enter the relationship again. Does X2 prov
  14. The Relationships grid that appears in view screens can get very crowded very quickly. A tabbed interface to separate the relationships that exist across different modules would be an excellent way to organize all the relationships. For example, if you are in an accounts view screen, you might have numerous contacts for that account, as well as numerous opportunities, etc. So you'd have a contacts tab, opportunities tab, etc. To handle numerous modules, simply have a horizontal scrolling set of tabs, and include a tab for "All". I know this is not an easy addition but hope to he
  15. Hi, it would be great if you could add to the feature list the capability of displaying Associated Contacts for custom made modules, the same way it is working now for Accounts. For instance, if I make an Appointments module it would be much easier to have listed below the list of invited contacts and custom columns such as phone numbers, etc. without having to click on each contact to find out their phone numbers. Thank you for a great product!
  16. Hi, from 1.2.2 changelog: How can I access this feature? I can see it only on contact in the left panel. I can't see it on account, sale, action etc. Thanks, Kuba
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