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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys, So i've imported a large number of contacts to my system however, now i need to create relationships to a new module that i created called "Company" & Accounts. As their are a large number of contacts, companies and accounts is their a quick way of linking all the modules together through the front end or is their a way of relating the modules through the back end. Thanks
  2. Hi, Has anyone ever encountered issue with relationships when creating workflow which runs on periodic trigger (once per moth), Which creates record in module A then other record in module B and sends e-mail notification. In screenshot you can see that records are being created subsequently and I want to establish relationship between them, but when I select Create Relationship check-box for both "Create record" action, log output says that system failed on both record creation. Although when I remove this check-box, records are being successfully created by the system but there is no relat
  3. Hi, When i create a lookup field as not required, its allowing me to enter random text regardless of records exists or not.. though when i create same field as required its certainly checks whether the enter text is an existing record or not. should it not be restricted for an existing record when the lookup field is not required too?? Regards,
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