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Found 6 results

  1. X2 Community Edition 7.1. I have empty field rows ( see attached) which I want to "delete" (remove from the form). Is this possible? If yes, how do I delete these blank rows?
  2. hallo community! ich suche hilfe bei der verwendung des "form editor". vielleicht hat jemand ein dokument für eine erste erklärung wie man diesen verwendet. geht auch in englisch. es interessiert mich auch wie man bestimmen kann welche "widget" im formular erscheinen. bei "widget" meine ich besipielsweise die bereiche "Tags", "Arbeitsablauf" und "Relationsships". auch wie man einen solchen "widget" selbst erzeugt bzw. einen solchen bearbeitet. weiters intereesiert mich, wie ich felder aus anderen formularen in einem formular übernehmen kann. muss ich hier immer neue felder für ein formul
  3. Dear X2 Team, Why can't we edit the fields of X2Touch within Χ2Studio >> Form Editor >> Model? Doesn't it make since to also have in each model/module these: X2Touch Form (Default) X2Touch View (Default) or Mobile Form (Default) Mobile View (Default) In today's highly mobile world, shouldn't X2Engine also be accessible according to custom or modified module field, panel, view, and/or form strategy? This or something like it should be a most and I'll like to request it! Sylvia
  4. I just installed 3.5 Open Source Edition. I created a custom field in Accounts to store a business' Facebook page link.Under Customize Fields, I selected Type to be URL.Then I save it.Using the Form Editor I added the field to my Accounts (both Form and View).So far everything looks good.The weird thing is that when I enter something in the newly created field it kills my Account view after I save.After saving the Account entry I would normally expect to see the Account View of the account I just edited - Instead, I get a white page, stripped of all formatting, no navigational menus, with only
  5. Any plans to include related fields from other modules in the Form Editor? For example, if you are creating an Opportunity view in Form Editor, there are certain fields from the Accounts and Contacts modules that would be great to have available - the objective being to minimize the amount of clicks and surfing/searching that a user has to do. Also - blank rows/spacers would be awesome as well.
  6. This is minor, but when you first drag a field over to a view in Form Editor, the default label position is "top" but the Label Position selector shows "left" as default.
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