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Found 11 results

  1. All of my contact imports have SIC codes attached to them. I'd like to be able to organise the contacts by SIC code, so I can see all contacts that have the same SIC code ID. Is this possible, and, if so, how? Thanks, Portia.
  2. Just getting started with X2, moving from Salesforce. How versatile are the Formula fields in X2? I can't seem to concatenate strings and numeric fields together. for example: ='C-'+{id} If {id} was equal to 2505 this would output C-2505. Is there a way to accomplish this?
  3. If I create a custom field for a module from admin panel, it is displayed for all users. I want it to be visible for specific user. Assigning view permission in role hide it for all users in specific role. But I want it to be visible for some users in the role.
  4. hi there, I've created a custom field (account number - for accounts) which should be populated with the {tickerSymbol} and {ID} fields and have a specific length... for instance: Account: ABC Consulting ID: 37 Symbol: XYZ Result: XYZ000037 (length in total should be 9) I have tried quite a number of options, but I am unfortunately (as it seems) not the biggest expert on getting this done... Alternatively, simply populating the account number field with the ID and leading zeros to a length of 9 - result: 000000037 Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hi All, Is there a way where I can link a field on Module A to another existing field on Module B?, The existing field on Module B is a dropdown field. Thanks!
  6. Dear all, I've a question: I've a large amount to data (+/- ) 1000 records (the names of cities of an italian region ....it's true in Italy we are full of cities) to enter in a dropdown field. Is there a manner to avoid to insert one by one, importing them? Thanks Mauro
  7. Hi. I've been working with X2engine since three months and I find it awesome. It's a great tool for micro-companies like mine. I would like to know how can I add custom fields to Accounts and Contacts. I need them to relate my customers db with x2crm. Thanks!
  8. Hello Community, I was wondering how I can export all Fields, FormLayouts and dropdowns. I'm asking because due to some bigger issues with the server I need to completly resetup the system. Now I want to export, contacts, docs, etc.type by type, so that I have a better image of what is imported and was isn't!
  9. Hi How can I create Dependent fields? I would like to createDependent fields based on drop down selected value but can't find a solution to do that. Mayur
  10. Hey Community, I want to include a Customer Number System. So every Contact, where the "Relationship" Field is set to "client" will get a consecutive number preferably set by x2Engine automatically, since otherwise I could give away a customer number by mistake. Is this somehow possible? I offcourse could create a custom field called "customer number" and make it a "Number" field, but this way it is a lot of work to do. best regards René
  11. Hey Community, got a Problem. I created around 98 custom fields and there are still some to come. The Problem though is, that not all of them are shown inside the "Fields view" and inside the "customize field" and "remove field" view. So it makes it pretty hard to Change some info. regards René!
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