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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, we need to run a report to show product items sold per month. This is currently not possible from the reporting module. It makes sense if you want to at least get a high-level product sales t match your accounting systems. Thanks Eugene
  2. Hi guys, I cant seem to get any charts to show? I read some previous posts and all records have users assigned. Please advise. Thanks Eugene
  3. Hi, I just installed X2 CRM, and see in the demo and read on the website that there is supposed to be the X2Flow functionality/module - but I cannot find it. How is that installed? Where can I download it/add it? Is it premium or free? Any help finding this and implementing it would be awesome. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have another request, it is big but it worth it. You have pure reporting tool and i offer you to take all the best from OpenERP7 ( they hve very flexible and great reporting tool, i didnt see anything better in any other ERP) Screenshot is in attach ( you can get OpenERP7 free trial for 3 users to see ). All the best, Alexander Sokhanych Mobilesoft365
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