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Found 10 results

  1. Hey Guys, So i've imported a large number of contacts to my system however, now i need to create relationships to a new module that i created called "Company" & Accounts. As their are a large number of contacts, companies and accounts is their a quick way of linking all the modules together through the front end or is their a way of relating the modules through the back end. Thanks
  2. I see I can make custom pull downs. But is there a more efficient way of getting all 195 countries into a pull-down for the contacts, instead of a text field?
  3. Hi, The email functionality seems to have stopped functioning. Nothing happens when I click on the email icon. Looking at the console, I see this error each time I try to press the email button. ==== Uncaught notifications.js,q1452300875.pagespeed.jm.VyPjXAuOtO.js:15 Cannot read property 'publish' of undefined (anonymous function) @ notifications.js,q1452300875.pagespeed.jm.VyPjXAuOtO.js:15 m.event.dispatch @ jquery.min.js,q1452300875.pagespeed.jm.YSzgc-BSX9.js:1 r.handle @ jquery.min.js,q1452300875.pagespeed.jm.YSzgc-BSX9.js:1 =====​= This was working couple of days back Shan
  4. Right now it is a big disadvantage to us to only be able to save lists for contact records. At the minimum, it would be great to be able to save Account Reports so that we could reuse them for future campaigns. Even better would be to create lists based on account fields just like we can currently do with contacts. EVEN BETTER would be to create reports and lists based on a combination of contact and account fields. For example, create a list to send an email to all contacts that are associated with an account that has the industry field marked as X. Currently we have many duplicate fields
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I would like to see an avatar similar to what is seen on the user, but allow a drag and drop of images to the avatar for such things as company logos for easy identification. All the text and lists need to be broken up with a few graphics.
  7. we are getting a lot of duplicate data, mostly because customers have more than one email address and I would like a way of merging duplicates so I can keep all the linked data in one single record. an example may serve here sgeorge@gimmehelp.com is on my database as a lead he emails me in from sharif@gimmehelp.com and get's filed through the dropbox email I now have two records for this dastardly character I want to merge these records so that the emails that have already come in from both email addresses are all recorded against one of them - I would then add the second email addre
  8. Hello, We are in the process of setting up X2CRM on our servers and we've imported some accounts already. Now I would like to assign all the imported accounts to one certain user. Is this possible some how or do I have to go through all of them one by one? If not, would it be possible to assign them to a user via the import? If, let's say, we would remove them and import them once again. Thankful for any help. Best regards, Magnus
  9. Hi Devs / Community! First my thumbs up for building this new amazing CRM software. I've tried a lot of (semi) open source CRM / Collaboration packages last days and was very disappointing with most of them (bloated / half working / essential functionality missing / unclear navigation / impossible installs and/or dependencies / etc.. ). I almost gave up, until i found x2engine. Of course x2 also has some rough edges, but considering the (relative) short time the project exist and the usability of it already, i can only conclude you're all doing an absolutely excellent job. So many thanks for
  10. As a sales guy for a specific region you're always looking to spend your time at the right customer. The bigger the region the higher the choice. But it is also about to keep travel expense/time low and combine several customer visits with one and the same trip. I expect from my CRM telling me where to go and show me the highest potential on a heatmap. As you see on the picture it can even say how you should route your trip. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0Q-vLFn_PCk/STRu7EXwviI/AAAAAAAACCY/iUiOOlo1wsw/s400/earth.jpg Steps: 1. Select all customer for the area (in this case USA) 2. Select all cu
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