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  1. Hi Jack, We host the site ourselves: https://crm.multilingual.com. Yes, I am trying it as admin. Donna
  2. We quite often use contact lists to create email campaigns. We like to view all the contacts we have selected for a list and then select a few of them to be removed. We used to do this up through v. 7 with the "remove selected from list". Now, the option is not there (see image). Has this function been replaced with something else? I still see the modules in the code, so I am hoping it is just missing from the drop-down "more" menu... To recap: 1. we create a list of people 2. we view the list to find people to remove 3. when we click on someone to remove, the "more" menu shows up (see image
  3. In your 8.0 release notes, you state: Note for sales quotes after updating to 8.0 With the new quote creator changes, quotes appear differently. Quotes already stored in the database will still have comments for line items, but will not be seen on the view/update/print pages. In order to make sure comments show properly, you will need to run the FixOldQuotesCommand command. To do this, navigate to your application directory and then to the protected/ directory. Then run ./yiic fixoldquotes to move all line items' comments to it's own line item. What about old adjustments? We ran fixoldquotes
  4. With the new version X2Engine, as we look at the quote detail online, the price and quantity fields are about the same size as the line item. And, there is a lot of dead space before price. Is there any way we can increase the line item field name size? Thanks Donna
  5. Thanks, Attila! we have rolled our php version back and now the old version is working.
  6. My update failed because there was a CRC error on a php file (quote.php) that we had changed because we needed it to say different things for our quotes. Evidently, the upgrade now does a crc check. No problem. I tried to roll back the update. I got a 500 error. No problem, I reverted to the old files and old data. Unfortunately, my 500 error has stuck, so my revert was not as complete as I had hoped. Now what??? Error Code: 500 Error Message: Function mcrypt_decrypt() is deprecated Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] X2Engine Version: 6.9.3 PHP Version: 7.1.23 I posted this on http://c
  7. Am posting this on the thread. http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3703-known-issues-with-ver-7-upgrade/?hl=errorthat I just found.
  8. And, here is the stack trace: PHP error in /home/multili/subdomains/crm.multilingual.com/protected/components/util/EncryptUtil.php(171) #0 /home/multili/subdomains/crm.multilingual.com/protected/components/behaviors/JSONEmbeddedModelFieldsBehavior.php(256): EncryptUtil->decrypt() #1 /home/multili/subdomains/crm.multilingual.com/protected/components/behaviors/TransformedFieldStorageBehavior.php(104): JSONEmbeddedModelFieldsBehavior->unpackAttribute() #2 /home/multili/subdomains/crm.multilingual.com/protected/components/behaviors/TransformedFieldStorageBehavior.php(117): JSONEmbeddedModelF
  9. Hello, I tried to upgrade from 6.9.3 to 7. The upgrade gave me a crc fault on a file that I had updated (Quote.php -- we need different text on our quotes, and there is no way to change them, so we had edited the file.) This must be the first update to do crc checks on the files. Anyway, I tried to roll back the update. After that I got a 500 error. No problem, I thought naively, I will restore the database and the files. Unfortunately, I am STILL getting the 500 error. Error Code: 500 Error Message: Function mcrypt_decrypt() is deprecated Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] X2Engine V
  10. Hi. I am having this problem as well. Did the manual update work??
  11. Strange, we do not log in as different people and yet we are seeing this as of last week. We are running 6.9.3....
  12. We sent out a mailer, and one of the recipients wanted to unsubscribe. But the auto-generated unsubscribe link fails due to a permission error. We are running X2engine 6.9 on our server. This summer, we moved from a vps to a dedicated server, so I am assuming a folder permission should be set differently, but as I cannot make it out from the link below, I am asking for help. Here is the link: http://crm.multilingual.com/index.php/marketing/marketing/click/uid/89a4217028554dfdc312f927f5dabc97/type/unsub/email/eliane%40jbistudios.com And the error is You don't have permission to access /in
  13. I would like to see this, as well. I presently go in and change the quotes php files for each upgrade to change the headings. I would also like to see an option of drop downs on quote fields.
  14. It would be nice to be able to specify a checkbox group and radio group for a custom field. This would help in layout design and usability -- sometimes the dropdown format is hard to follow if there are too many options. Thanks!
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