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  1. I am very excited to have found x2. With a little work, I think it could be a contender. I started playing with x2 last week and have done little else since. Having examined the whole application in depth and poked around the code a little, here are what I consider to be it's weak points. An important facet of any crm system is how it helps you manage your time to optimal effect. The Activity Feed is cute but it's not nearly as important as communicating what a user need to be doing now or helping them plan. Essential to that is the categorization of tasks. Currently the closest thing x2 has
  2. In the Actions Grid View, I see a field for "Action Type", however I don't see this option when I am on the Create Action page. An "Action Type" field would be very useful as it could be prepopuated with designations like phone call, sales call, mail materials, email contact, etc.
  3. Has anyone tried to bridge X2 with an accounting or bookkeeping application? If you have any experience with this or ideas how to go about it, please share your insight.
  4. I just installed 3.5 Open Source Edition. I created a custom field in Accounts to store a business' Facebook page link.Under Customize Fields, I selected Type to be URL.Then I save it.Using the Form Editor I added the field to my Accounts (both Form and View).So far everything looks good.The weird thing is that when I enter something in the newly created field it kills my Account view after I save.After saving the Account entry I would normally expect to see the Account View of the account I just edited - Instead, I get a white page, stripped of all formatting, no navigational menus, with only
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