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  1. Hi Jake, Sure, it is also not my place to comment OpenSource and pro, but i not sure that reporting will be one of main features to generate revenues (especially it is not finished) as main revenues are generating by medium/big size clients, not like mine with 2-3 sales managers. I am sure you will go into good revenues as clients will see good main things and main things to switch to Pro version will be support/reliability rather than install it on own servers (pay own dev for support). Just want all the best for your product but don`t want for you to make same mistakes as did other platf
  2. Yes, i see it and it is not optimal also. Maybe it is no my matter, but i offer to you to make Custom Reporting / Chart Creator for all versions: user will use it actively and you will get a lot of suggestions rather than hide it and leave as is, really. You will get a lot at least from myself. What do you think? Thanks, Alexander
  3. Hi Jake, I use X2CRM 3.1.2 Professional Edition demo version and i cant find Reports in menu, could you help me? Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi, I have another request, it is big but it worth it. You have pure reporting tool and i offer you to take all the best from OpenERP7 ( they hve very flexible and great reporting tool, i didnt see anything better in any other ERP) Screenshot is in attach ( you can get OpenERP7 free trial for 3 users to see ). All the best, Alexander Sokhanych Mobilesoft365
  5. Hi, I see you are responsive and flexible, my first request about Kanban view is in the bug-list already, so i offer to make another one important thing. You have very poor search and i offer to you to take all the best ( to take all functionality ) from OpenERP7, screenshot is in the attach, Thanks again, Alexander Sokhanych Mobilesoft356
  6. Hi, I like your CRM a lot and plan to switch to it. You will get a huge amount of new happy and satisfied customers if you will add ability to switch to Kanban view ( samples are in attach from OpenERP and Zurmo, YouTrack and Trello also have it ) Please specify when is it possible to implement it? Best regards, Alexander Sokhanych Mobilesoft365
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