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  1. As is often the case (at least with me), all it takes to solve a problem - is to walk away from it. I.e. : go for a walk :-) The problem is the PHP version. I was running the latest version 7.4 on my local server. Lowering it to the highest 7.3 version ( 7.3.28 ) - did the trick. I would then conclude that this is not an issue with permissions, but with the fact that PHP version 7.4 completely deprecated some functions from version 7.1 and even 7.2, that are obviously still used in the current open source version of X2CRM ( 7.1 ). Hope this helps. TM10
  2. I got exactly the same Fatal error. I attempted to install X2CRM on a local Laragon (AMP) server, on Windows 10. The requirements.php script also didn't find any fatal issues, and the installation was reported as successful. Then, when trying to access the local site, I got the exact same fatal error. I found some other threads on this forum, where it was advised that the /protected/runtime directory must have the Writing permission for the user, and that the 'assets' directory must be present, and also with the Writing permission. I changed the permissions on all of thes
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