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  1. When I try to open the calendar when I'm logged as a admin, I get an error 500:

    Error Code: 500
    Error Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
    Stack Trace: [click to toggle display]
    X2Engine Version: 8.0
    PHP Version: 7.3.27


    Surprisingly, when I log as a regular member, it shows the calendar OK, I searched everywhere but di not find any clue.

    (I tried deleting the encryption.iv & encryption.key, did not work)


    Also, where would be the translated file, as in French, some words are funny so I need to correct them.


    Thanks for the good project, I like the speed of loading, it's intuitive to use and pretty much complete!


    Ah, finally, how can I test my email settings, my server works ok for my other engines (Joomla, etc. ) to send emails, but now it doesn't work and I can't test it.



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