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  1. Hello All, I recently was able to get a a email template properly set up and pull in all the info I needed. Now i have a few questions: 1. Can i add a default BCC email address to it? 2. Is there a way on the modules main page to show a box that lists all the sent emails using the template? Basically looking for a way to easily manage if and who an email was sent to. 3. How does the system decide on what the destination email should be? could it be if they all match a certain check box in the contact module? Many thanks, Steve
  2. Hello Clifton, I apologize if I'm being repetitive but I am still confused. We want a field in the module, routers, (router name) to be included when we do an email template on the module, connectivity. Every single once of our services have a unique identifier, a service id, that includes every router and connectivity and firewall, etc In connectivity, we have fields such as Speed, carrier, contract length, etc, and we have Primary router and secondary router fields. Primary and secondary router fields have a service id manually entered that is a hyperlink to the appropriate servi
  3. Hello X2Clifton, For #1, Cant i just make the field non editable? therefore solving this issue For #2 Is there automation that can be done whether nightly or ... to correct this?
  4. Hello X2Clifton, Let me try that most likely next week some time, its been a crazy few days in the office and i dont think ill have time. Thank you for the quick answer, I am REALLY looking forward to trying this out. Just curious are there any downsides to using linked fields like this?
  5. Also my first attempt at a linked field i created a field in connectivity with field name: c_Device_Name.Routerfirewall and it didnt display anything, i want to remove the field in connectivity but X2 says all field data will be deleted, does that mean therefore the field data in c_Device_Name.Routerfirewall?
  6. Hello All, Taking over x2 management in my company and need some assistance. My end goal is to add attributes from multiple custom modules in an email template. I've read into lookup tables but am still heavily confused I think I need to link field in custom module (routers) to field in another custom module (connectivity), All routers have a unique service ID as do all Connectivity. If I can get simple step by steps that would be great. Am also interested in workflow and if a workflow can assist here Many thanks, Steve
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