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  1. Hi DonnaParrish, I've tested and confirmed this problem, and will let you know when a fix is available!
  2. Hi Success, As of now it's not possible to use a link that redirects directly to the record within the application. However if they just need other details about the record, they can use the API. If they are a user and have their API key (if they don't only an admin user can give it to them by going to Users > *Select User* > Update User and copy their API Key), they can go to a link like this: http://www.domain.com/index.php/api2/Contacts/by:phone=1234567890.json This searches the contacts module for a record with the "phone" field value "1234567890" and returns a JSON string of the
  3. Hi gfl, Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, are you asking if there's a way within the app to calculate these time differences? Or are you wanting to know how to take their epoch times from the database and calculate the minutes between the two?
  4. Hi Success, From our wiki page on our API (http://wiki.x2crm.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference), this the explanation behind that error code: Unprocessable entity. This always indicates a data validation error when attempting to set fields of and save an active record model. The client is expected to resolve these issues and resubmit the data with all of the fields formatted in such a way that it is acceptable. It seems that one or more of the fields you have for the record you are trying to create has data that is not formatted as expected. I would take a look at any custom fields in the admin
  5. Hi DonnaParrish, Unfortunately as of now there is not an option to have the line item name to be expanded in the quotes' current state. However I understand this might be something more users may find useful; and I will note this for consideration when we begin work on a new release!
  6. Hi eugeneb, Unfortunately there is no way to rollback the version of X2 from within the app itself. The backup would be the only option in terms of data recovery.
  7. Hi eugeneb, Sadly if that is the case, and the backup is stored only on the server, then there is no option to get the backup from the front-end. And since you previously noted that you do not have FTP/SFTP or SSH access to your server, then getting the backup directly from the host seems to be the only option.
  8. Hi eugeneb, Who is your web host? Do you have FTP and/or SSH access to your web server?
  9. Hi eugeneb, Assuming you backed up your data from the upgrade screen itself, you can use your site URL, navigate to the admin panel and add 'backup?download=1' to the end. This is a hard link to your database backup and will download it to your computer. So an example would be: /index.php/admin/backup?download=1. Please let me know if you need any clarification/further help!
  10. Hi chrismikedaniel, What version of X2 do you happen to be using at the moment?
  11. Hey TechBySteve, No worries! If I'm understanding your application setup correctly, you just want to pull the router name into your Connectivity email template (and I'm assuming that is in a different field than the default name field); similar to before you'll need a Lookup from Connectivity into Routers. The lookup field type already uses the nameId of the model you're trying to pull from, so if you have a Lookup field into Routers from Connectivity (which I'm assuming is the primary and/or secondary router fields), you just need to use the field name for that lookup field with the "." sep
  12. Hi TechBySteve, For #1, I just meant that if you have the field c_test, let's say, in Routers that uses the value from c_blah in Connectivity, the only way you can change the value of c_test is to update the value of c_blah. You can't update c_test directly. For #2, One way I can think of is if you have access to your site files, then in the Connectivity model you can add an "afterSave" function that looks up all of the Router records that have said Connectivity record as it's lookup. Then set the field value and save each model to not worry about having to view the record for it to update
  13. Hi emmalone, Would you also be able to clear the x2_session_log on top of the other two and check if that resolves the problem?
  14. Hi TechBySteve, I look forward to hearing how it works out! As for possible downsides, I can really only see two: 1. If you try to update the custom field that is pulling from another field in the looked up record, it will not retain that value; although it'll have what you input if you try to edit it. The only way to actually update this field is to update the field it's pulling from. 2. The record isn't actually updated in the database until you actually view the record. So if you want to use the record in Routers for something after your field in Connectivity gets updated, then you'll
  15. Hi TechBySteve, I don't know exactly what steps you took to try and make this custom field look into another custom field of another module, but I can tell you exactly what you need to get this working! 1. Lookup field from Module A to Module B (In your case, a lookup from Routers into Connectivity; this is done by nameIds strictly as of now). Let's use c_conn_lookup. 2. The name of the field in Module B (Connectivity) whose data you want transferred into Module A (Routers). We'll use c_Device_Name as per your example. 3. The name of the field in Module A that will contain said informat
  16. Hi bigbankclub, What does your data set look like? Do you already have a dropdown made for contacts and just want to insert the data into it?
  17. Hi bigbankclub, Do you have access to your MySQL command line?
  18. Hi PublishItNow, What version of X2 do you happen to be running now? Is this issue occurring when using the inline email writer on a record or somewhere else?
  19. Hi PublishItNow, Can you inspect the Workflow model file and check if the function userCheck exists?
  20. Hi eugeneb, I will take a look! Have you been able to recreate it and obtain a stack trace from this error? Also, are you still running version 7.1?
  21. Hi emmalone, Would you be able to tell me what is on line 109 of the Docs model? From your stack trace #3, it seems it's trying to call a function that shouldn't be called. Does the line I said to comment out not exist in the file at all?
  22. Hi juddra, Because I don't have full content of what you're importing/exporting, I can offer two solutions: 1. You run your SQL commands by hand to find what lines exactly are causing your issues and remove those files from the zip file 2. (Better) Export your records and remake the modules within the app by hand, then import the records
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