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  1. Raymond - The vm behaves normally - no errors at all.
  2. Hi Raymond ufw is inactive ; ps -aux | grep apache returns a pid ; netstat -tln | brep 80 returns nothing; running update-rc.d apache2 defaults does nothing
  3. Hi All Having had no response to yesterdays request I thought I would do a complete reinstall of Ubuntu 16.04 & x2crm (following this guide - http://idroot.net/linux/install-x2crm-ubuntu-16-04/).Everything has been done but on restarting apache2 I now get an error: Job for apache2 .service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status apache2.service and journalctl -xe for details. Where do I go from here or is that a linux distro with x2crm in iso format that I can download & install. Many Thanks
  4. Hi All Pretty much a newbie at this. I have a VM in esxi 5.5 running ubuntu 16.04. I install x2crm without any issues & can login & do waht I want. However if I shutdown & restart the VM nothing works & I have to reinstall x2crm. Any help appreciated. Regards Chris
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