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  1. Hi all, I've had a look through all the documentation but I can't seem to find anything so I thought I'd ask here and see if anybody else has experienced anything similar to this. We are using X2CRM for invoicing for projects which are generally paid 50% deposit upfront and the rest upon completion. Is there any way to keep track of where the invoice is at? Like adjustments that can be added after it's been finalized for partial payment. Could multiple repayments be made? 50% deposit up front, 25% one week out from completion, final 25% upon completion and tracked with date payed etc? Th
  2. The title is a quote from the 6.0.3 release news post located here: https://www.x2crm.com/x2crm-open-source-crm-version-6-0-3-feature-update/ Unfortunately this seems to be the only reference to this feature I can find anywhere on the internet or in the X2CRM documentation. Is there something I'm missing? I would like to add an image upload form to our web service page to attach a photograph of the fault in question to the resulting ticket. At the moment the best I can do is ask the client to respond to the ticket acknowledgement email with an attachment. I am running version 6.5.1 so I would
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