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  1. Thanks. I couldn't find a "column ID" but did try all other types of ID, including Namd ID and ID. None of those had clickable links though. I did this from the contacts module.
  2. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? This error comes up whenever I click on a contact's name from any screen. I can't even add notes regarding discussions as the page won't load. Thanks. ps. updated to 6.5 and same issue.
  3. Good day all. I've just begun to use X2CRM and am enjoying its flexibility and robustness. Do any of you use it for multiple companies or projects? The scenario is as follows. I have multiple projects/companies that I operate simultaneously. There are overlapping team members, and some distinct to each project. I would like to use one instance of x2crm for all my CRM needs across all entities, especially as I need to see the whole picture. How would you recommend tackling the organization aspect of this? I've contemplated just tagging contacts with pre-set project titles, but then every
  4. Hey everyone. Very new to x2crm, but am loving it so far. I'm trying to integrate this into my daily workflow for various projects with my team members. I'm currently in my testing phase, and most seems to be working well, except one issue. Whenever I click on any contact I get a 500 error that looks like the image below. I get the error when I click on the contact tab, then pick any of the contacts. Same thing if I click the contact name from the activity feed. What is odd is sometimes I don't get the error when following the same process - typically after I first log in. Any thoughts?
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