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  1. I am new to X2 and installed via Bitnami the Xs engine. 6.9-2 version. LOcal install on my c: drive Sofar so good, see clock, and created my own name as CONTACT with my own full address details,Street,City,Zip,Country, but NOT visible in right part as Google map. What is wrong ? William
  2. I have imported a large csv file with textfields Selling and other called Purchasing. The imports were "" accepted" ..if i do Ă‹dit "then I see the 0 or 1 values. I donot see the values ( 0 ) in the default format, however if I edit that Record , I see the values ( 0 ) for both fields, I changed some records, to from "0" to"1",save it, then I see the new "1" value in the default form. If I fill the the blank/empty field with "0" ,saving it, it remains "blank,empty"in the Format. If I fill in "1" then it is visble in the Format as "1" So in one way, the field does not accept the "
  3. I was able to solve this matter myself. Thanks anyway..
  4. As new user, (local Installed X2CRM) I have done a trial Import, works fine with 100 Records, I have 61.000 Accounts ( 24.500 KB CSV size) I tried to import in one Go, but the bar remains at 0 / 61000 and I dont see any increasing bar line. What is the maximum.? Thanks.
  5. I am a paid Ultimate user , local installed, Windows10 , but new to X2CRM, a very very good program !!! I wonder, if I have done an Import of Accounts/Customers say 50.000, can I then Mass Delete all those, if for some reason later , I did forget some Custom fields in the CSV files,to be imported? In Zoho I had similar problem and could do only 50/100 per page and in Apptivo the same, mass delete in Apptivo Customers.Contacts mass-delete was running OK, but it went to the TRASH module, and there it can only be deleted per 50 per page. Apptivo is now working (in the Code) to help me to up
  6. I saw in the Demo/Youtube that there is a Google Map, based on the Address details. I filled in a new (first) Account and I see the Clock, Calendar etc but not yet the Google Map What is wrong? William
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