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  1. Можно скачать девелопер ветку с основного репозитиария и вытянуть от туда файлы и положить в релиз
  2. В последнее версии x2crm уже наш перевод, и в версии выше. 6.0.4 будет интегрирован
  3. Lead - лидactivity feed - лента событийemail - emaillogin - входAvatar - AvatarSocial Media - Social MediaСase - СaseWorkFlow - Рабочие процессы Я думаю пока не проблема использовать на английском, будет меньше шансов на путать. А вот case даже не знаю...
  4. Dear developers . We have previously raised the issue of a public list of innovations developed , but have not received a response. I would like to see a separate page on the site Todo format and Roadmap for future versions . In the last video, 27 minutes Black Screen , and can not see what you have planned for the 6.1
  5. In Russian in a modal window is no notification text
  6. Кому нужны переводы, актуальные будут лежать тут https://github.com/Pomazan-Bogdan/X2CRM-ru/archive/X2CRM-ru.zip
  7. To promote CRM has published an article in the largest share, I think that would be a lot of traffic) https://habrahabr.ru/post/306112/
  8. A few questions: 1. If I create a theme, can I sell it? 2. If I create a module, can I sell it? 3. If I create integration (separate php files) if I can sell them?
  9. I think that it can be implemented in the initial phase modules, which can then be integrated into the main development branch. Perhaps the developers should create a project on Github (modules), which can run third-party developers ..... But I am now faced with some aspects in the import and export of the following modules.
  10. Hi I create custom module/ custom field I need a paper copy.Do you have a standard printing.But I need another form of output. (As in the photo)Is it possible to customize printing?
  11. I suggest you find a performer on https://www.upwork.com/You need a system administrator to configure the experience: Apache PHP Mysql Installation of the system is as simple WordPress installation, these professionals very much.
  12. admin/manageFields Type: custom/formula
  13. For administrators and developers: Translation is not yet finished, I later reported when it can be integrated into the mainline.
  14. Для тех кто ищет норм перевод, вот пока частично перевел вручную... https://github.com/Pomazan-Bogdan/X2CRM-ru
  15. There are developers generally live here? In the Russian-speaking countries it is possible in great demand on your system because it has a workflow designer, something that is not common in other systems, such as odoo, sygar and vtiger etc.. But feedback from developers who now me off, as well as those who could connect to development.
  16. Hello, I liked your product, but there was a couple of questions about the future. 1. If you are moved to github development, why not transferred to the bug tracker?2. Plan what are you to do with the design? The trend so that all rework the design in a more convenient form of light.3. Why do not you make a translation function on a dedicated platform?4 Why not make a normal roadmap Sorry for English, an interpreter.
  17. Because there are no references in the last year of x2crm, except for the release of 6.0 .
  18. Hello. The problem with displaying the message body encoding. Theme contact with the display properly.
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