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  1. I have a text (varchar) custom field c_call, that I need to assign a string that includes the textual date taken from another custom field in the record, c_callDate, which is of type dateTime (timestamp). This occurs in an Update Record action in a workflow. How can I implement the conversion from timestamp to text? In the Update Record assignment, I tried setting the Call (text) field to date('M j, Y', {c_callDate})but this doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a workflow triggered by an Opportunity record update (filtered specifically to a change in the 'Sales Stage' field). When the modified Sales Stage is found to have been set to an earlier stage in its process, the workflow logic executes the 'Revert Process Stage' flow action. Looking at the associated Actions records for this Opportunity, 'Revert Process Stage' correctly resets the "to" stageNumber record ('complete' set to No, 'completedBy' & 'completeDate' fields cleared), for example stage 1. However, I'm also seeing that the "from" or previous stage Action record, for exampl
  3. I just encountered this scenario, when trying to 'Automatically fill certain fields' for a custom Date field in Contacts. I thought entering something like 1/31/2017 would work, but it doesn't. Seeing the parseDateTime() code, an initial clause testing for is_numeric() evaluates to true for such an entry, leading to a failed import validation. Same with trying the format 2017-01-31. Placing an entry in quotes, e.g. "1/31/2017", also fails, though it's unclear why, since the next clause return strtotime($date) should work. Entering a Unix timestamp value finally passed validation and produ
  4. Are there any 3rd-party preferred vendors that handle X2CRM installations and setup issue resolution? We have a new server using a Debian Linux kernel, and while we could take a stab at setting it up ourselves, we likely don't have the depth of Linux expertise for ensuring a turnkey installation, customized for our data entities. Presumably this isn't something the X2 folks have the cycles for.
  5. As far as I can tell this isn't currently implemented: A means of duplicating an existing workflow in a single operation. I have several flows with essentially similar underlying operational structures, but utilizing different triggers, attributes etc. It's a little tedious to recreate the flow steps individually.
  6. Just a quick thank-you for your entry Jake - I needed custom dropdown entries for an added Contacts field (though not a dependent one), and your comment led me to the right place, i.e. adding a record to x2_fields. The new options then got picked up cleanly by the Manage Fields operation. Awesome!
  7. I'm a X2CRM newbie, and have successfully installed X2CRM locally on my Windows-based AMPPS stack, along with WordPress. Having reviewed online help such as the X2CRM wiki ("Interacting with the Database"), I'm trying to do just that, tap into x2_* tables already populated with records as seen via phpMyAdmin. In a sample PHP file, I have basic test code like: $x2db = new wpdb( DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, 'myx2database', 'localhost' );$x2db->show_errors(); $x2rowcount = $x2db->get_var( "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM x2_contacts" );echo "<br>X2 Row count: " . $x2rowcount; $x2row = $x2db->get
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