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  1. Same question from my side...see also here
  2. Bumping up, we´ve to upgrade to PHP 8.0 within the next 6 weeks. Has anyone already successfully used PHP 8.0? Regards!
  3. You have to define lookup-fields for the same kind of information (Admin: https://..../index.php/admin/manageFields) to link them.
  4. Hi @X2Raymond, Any news about 2FA? Google Authenticator / Microsoft Auth would be nice 🙂 Regards!
  5. Hi Peter, is there already a schedule?
  6. Hi Team, the matter was topical some time ago: The current question for me is whether (when?) X2CRM will be updated from the YII Framework 2.x. 1.1.20 seems to be currently used (1.1.23 from YII´s site current in the 1.x line). And: What does the further roadmap look like? Anything new here? Best regards, alt_f4
  7. Seems like http://x2planet.com/installs/registry/reqCheck might be the correct URL. May you´ll try to search/replace in the script for the IP and //comment it out or change to URL instead? Regards!
  8. If you don´t have access to your (direct) php setting, you can try it by editing the .htaccess (ref php - Declaring Session Max Life Time in htaccess - Stack Overflow): php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 14400
  9. A big thank you, Eugene, and even a bigger sorry... my provider (Cloudways) has automatically recognized the cross-posting (X2 runs on a different server than the web server) as a security problem and prevented it by the firewall. I have now manually added the action / IP to the whitelist. Works again :-)
  10. No entries in the log :-( and you´re right, nothing is pushed to X2.
  11. Thanks Eugene, I´ll try to figure it out from my site. The WP plugin (send to 3rd party) I´m using seems to be the last version 1.5.0. And I dont´see any error in the apache/php/firewall log. Arrrrgh. Keep care.
  12. Hi Eugene, On our website the appatchments fails (guess since some weeks), using currect WP and GF. Did you (or anybody else) notice any error on your website? Regards!
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