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  1. Yes Peter, I pretty sure it is possible, we are just not able to figure it out since the documentation is lacking. I'm really looking for an example or better documentation to help on this project lingering on for over a month now.
  2. No it is not.... It is adding those same process stages with the API. Not in the Workflow section... I tried to be pretty clear this is using the API on my post 3 weeks ago from 8/10. Here is the very unclear documentation; http://wiki.x2crm.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference#Working_With_Associated_Actions
  3. Yes, we are trying to create a process stage from the API. The same process enters the contact through the API and we want to get that contact started on a process and complete the first "COLD" stage.
  4. @jack I am not able to insert the exact data I need into the stage using the built-in workflow files and we are still not able to figure out how to add a process stage via the API. Any help would be great since the documentation for this does not see very clear!
  5. Hey Jack, Thanks for your input. I was originally going to reply that workflows were not powerful enough to do what I was wanting, but you gave me some ideas to have many different workflow trigger based on the value of a custom field. I'll try this, but would still prefer a method to add to process stage though the API.
  6. With the "Edit Roles" feature it seems the "Edit" permission can not be set without the "View" permission. There are many times in remote API security where you want people to be able to add but not view fields. Is there a way that I'm not seeing to give add field capabilities but not allow someone with remote access to list your entire contact database?
  7. We are trying to add contacts from our lead generation process into X2CRM using the API and would like to start them on a process/stage but we are not sure how to do this using the API. Is this part of the Actions? Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone know why the New Version of "X2Engine" is not available? We can only see the old version labels "X2 CRM"!
  9. Guys, why does the Zapier not Trigger X2 workflow when a new record is created? Seems like a no-brainer here! This is probably a rhetorical question when the Zapier App is named 2014 in the year 2020!
  10. We recently upgrade to v8 from v6 and was curious if a long-time bug we absolutly hated was gone but it seems you guys still have not fixed it. I suspect it is because our sales process have been work and re-worked with new stages added and rearranged. Anyway the problem is if you try to unclear a stage, it wipes out many stages and notes! HUGE PROBLEM!!! Here is a video https://www.loom.com/share/85cc5b3ec6e446718de5a7559b1c2832
  11. We want to get one of our assistants to look up a person who calls in X2CRM and I would like to have a URL they could click to search though the URL. So for example by phone, it might be like this; http://www.domain.com/x2crm/?search=123-456-7890
  12. @X2Clifton, I'm making progress. It seems some of the test data from Zapier was not good and I'm getting past the original issue. is the Workflow Trigger supposed to work with Zapier? I'm trying to get a workflow to trigger when a new contact is added from Zapier and it does not appear to work.
  13. Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll take a look. I had already started the process of removing fields to narrow down the problem but this makes sense. Thanks for your time and I'll report back if further issues.
  14. We are trying to get contacts in to X2 and integrating with Zapier but getting the following error. We had trouble sending your test through. Got 422 calling POST http://papyrus.leadgencms.com/x2crm/api2/Contacts, expected 2xx. See more details or get helpWe are running an older version of X2 because Im scared to upgrade. Currently on Version 6.0.4 but I'm not convince that is the issue. Any of you guys have any ideas? Thanks!
  15. @X2Peter Thanks for your suggestion. I created a new Role for Zapier specifically and have a API User setup where I selected the fields to edit. I then edited the Role list to give it rights to create contacts. However, still no results in Zapier. Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!
  16. Hey guys, I hit another problem with creating a contact and only showing 4 fields to be populated, howerver upon submitting test data you see what appear to be all the other contact fields but null. I stared a new thread, but wanted to update you guys here as well... Any help would be appreciated... http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3885-zapier-app-only-has-few-fields-how-to-populate-more/
  17. We are finally getting heavy into Zapier and I've tested the new X2Engine Zapier App but it only seems to have 4 fields; Firstname Lastname Visibility Email However, when I do a Test of the Zap, I see many more fields that show null so I'm wondering if this is a security issue on the API user rights? Will more fields show up in Zapier if this API user's access is changed? Thanks!
  18. Peter, I was trying to do some new zapier integration and when tried to setup the Zapier API I get the following error! Any ideas where to start?
  19. Thanks you kindly for the explanation. Armed with the knowledge I should be able to solve this error. Thanks again!
  20. Gentleman, I wanted to report back with the recent surge in activity we have seen with X2, I'm proud to announce we are closing ticket #3402 for Migrating away from X2 Our Team is re-committed to X2! Thanks for your hard work!
  21. Hey guys, Does anyone know what this error is caused by in the Workflow Trigger Log?
  22. WOOOOOOWWWW!!!! That is wonderful... I've have used the current BETA Zapier integration and it is VERY limiting... We have been doing webhooks which are quite a PITA... I think a Workflow Trigger would be great... Also the obvious add contact, account, etc.
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