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Workflow Process Stop features

12 November 2018 - 01:59 AM

Using Workflow and Complete Process doesn't have the option to select the workflow and process in question.


There is only a notes block.

CSFR Token Error raising its head again

07 November 2018 - 04:28 AM

Hi guys,


this is an inconsistent error we have been getting on using forms for the last two years. One of my clients at least informed me of this bug with a screenshot. 


When loading a form X2 give this CSFR token error. Any idea how to solve this.


Problem is mainly if you use forms and new clients find this error, we wont even know as they will simply not use the form. The fix seems simple enough by refreshing the screen, but you cant inform a new prospect of this.


Please help.

Email SMTP Bug before and after upgrade to 7.0

15 October 2018 - 08:08 AM

Hi guys,


when sending an email from a contact using email I experience error codes. This has been addressed on a previous thread with the possible problem in EmailDeliveryBehavior.php.


The previous thread is here http://community.x2c....php#entry14486


However in this thread X2Peter talks about a patch and downloadable interim. The suggested download doesn't seem to work and I cant find any mention of the subsequent fix.


Can you guys help.


After testing there seems to be a general SMTP sending problem as I am getting various SMTP related errors. Not sure if its my server related or a X2 bug.

Gravity Forms Integration Solution [SOLVED AND AVAILABLE]

28 September 2018 - 08:38 AM

To anyone interested.


I have long since been looking for an elegant solution for integrating another more flexible form-tool for WordPress with X2CRM. Some other guys tried developing WordPress plugins but I was never able to work with that.


I extensively started using Gravity Forms (GF) on all my and customer sites due to its incredible flexibility and ease of use. Using GF I tend to always ask the contact details and then my custom field, which I don't always need in X2, but would like to capture the contact and maybe do some cool automation stuff. I tent to prefer not to hard code, to avoid custom dependency.


I found a great and elegant solution for this and it works great. 


Using Gravity forms there is a little known GF plugin called SEND TO THIRD PARTY. This simplifies the RestAPI POST call by giving you a simple plkug and play type page with additional GF settings. Install the plugin in WordPress and in Gravity forms you can easily set it up to post to X2CRM by completing some key fields.


I initially had a problem accessing my API which I was able to solve on this forum thread: http://community.x2c...ut-not-getting/


So now I can use GF fully and send the contact and fields info over to X2CRM. Adding tags directly, making lists and using X2Flow Record Create triggers do even more with the new record comming in from GF.


I hope this helps someone else that also wants to use Gravity Forms for more advanced form features on your website.

Testing my API but not getting

20 September 2018 - 06:23 AM

Any help will be appreciated. I am testing my API for integration with Gravity forms from Wordpress.


However I cannot get past the credentials authentication.


Currently just testing via the web-interface following the wiki instructions. Having followed previous forum threads on this issue I have tried it all including:

  • Correct url: https://xxxx.co.za/i...i2/appInfo.json
  • Username and Password popup dialogue filled in using user name and API key for user. Once entered it just pops up again and doesnt submit
  • User is active and set to system Admin
  • On server using PHP v5.6.25


What am I doing wrong?