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Anonymous Contact trackingKey

08 June 2018 - 11:52 AM

Hi x2 Support team,


I use the webTracker JavaScript and get AnonymousContacts created.


Once a anonymous website visitor post his email address it is generated via REST API. Works fine!


What parameters have to be submitted in order to assign the AnonymousContact-Browsing-History to the created Contact.


Actually once the new Contact is created the browsing history is still be shown in the AnonymousContact ID.


I have seen in Contacts Mysql database table there is a fingerprint and trackingKey field and I copied the values from the AnonymousContact in it but it didn't show up....


Then I set in x2_fingerprint tabel "anonymous"=0 and histroy shows up in the new contact. My question: Is there any function I can use or do I have to convert it all manual through API calls? If I use the API how is the best practice from fingerprint ID over cookie and trackingKey? I notice that TrackingKey of Cookie is different to Fingerprint TrackingKey of AnonymousContacts.


Thanks for your help in advance! I researched all topics in this forum but there is not yet an answer.