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#8181 Important features I missed

Posted by bapf on 26 July 2014 - 05:39 AM

1. In most EU countries we need by legal reasons "double opt-in" after putting email address into newsletter form. This should be added without using a Flow process for any version running in Europe (opensource edition has no Flow capabilities).

2. I guess that the mailing system doesn't have "Bounce Management" that brings the risk that the Email server receiving the newsletter may block the sending email server once a certain limit of unvailed/deleted emails has been received.

3. A nice feature would be a "email content checker" against spam content that shows the evaluation of the email text written in the campaign. There are known methods how a spam filter works and a function could warn the newsletter author before sending a mail with content that would be classified as spam from most spam filters.

4. Another feature could be split test for emails campaigns when the author provides two slightly different versions. For this feature only the first 20% of emails are sent while the more successful version (e.g. more clicks/openings) of the first two hours will be used for the remaining 80%.

#440 Signature2Contact Converter

Posted by bapf on 15 March 2012 - 12:36 AM

I have seen another app where the signature2contact works absolutly fine. There is one supervise step before it is inserted into the database. In that step you have to check if the conversion is right and have the chance to do manual corrections.

For the business card scanner any available app can do it. You just need to import your cell phone contacts with x2 later on. I'm sure there will be a tool at a later time to synchronize it automatically.

#125 Installing The E-Mail Dropbox

Posted by bapf on 12 January 2012 - 05:11 PM

I just have tested RoundCube, an OS webmail client, on three different international shared hosting web servers using SSL IMAP and SMTP and it works fine. I guess IMAP is a common standard today for most providers.

A workaround to avoid email forwarding to a script would be setting up an email mailbox for dropbox@yourname.com and accessing the mailbox by same way RoundCube does.

The most providers also offer CATCH_ALL@YorName.com which would enable to use specific email addresses like offer342344392@yourname.com without setup. If it would be sent out from the CRM in CC the to the customer the system could associate this email with the database "offers". Independently who does reply the email (if his one is already entered into the CRM database or not), the CRM recognize the offer number and may drop it to the right place in the CRM. Just a further idea about the possibilities of shared web servers...

However, you did a great job so far since email history in the CRM gives a great overview for the sales person. I would love to test it asap to have an impression about the usability.

#123 Signature2Contact Converter

Posted by bapf on 12 January 2012 - 01:35 PM

Sales guys are very happy sourcing data from the CRM but lazy when its about to update contacts or putting new data into it. When I receive an email from a new customer, normally I copy the Email signature of him try to insert it. Example:

Kind Regards,
David Hazzle

Sr. Buyer IT Infrastructure

Honeycomb Technologies Inc.
5489 Vista Grande Ave.
London OX4 2JZ

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 6111 / 949 -1471
Mobile: +44 152 / 712 -2512
Skype: DavidHazzleUK

Honeycomb makes your life sweeter

The problem is that I have to split it in several parts before and copy&paste it about 12 times (first name, last name, title, company, street, web, and much more).

My idea is a single text form <textarea name="email_signature">Copy&Paste Email Signature</textarea> where the sales guy can copy&paste in ONE step. A PHP script will find the country and recognize the form values to be inserted into the CRM by its indication like phone, mobile, etc. or its country specific pattern for the address. In the next step he can supervise if all data have been recognized in the right way and correct if neccessary.

That would safe a lot of time and brings more data into the CRM than the "Quick Contact" widget form.