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#15295 Timezones

Posted by sgludovats on 12 November 2018 - 05:37 AM

Good morning... I´m using x2crm open source version and when setting up users configuration I realized that the system doesn´t have Brazilian timezone in System... as a workaround I set UTC timezone in system and changed the clock of windows server, but using this workaround I saw that Outlook Calendar integration must use the same timezone (I changed the timezone of office 365 account that is integrating with x2crm and every new appointment in calendar appear in correct datetime in system and Outlook, but as a need, this integration was made to allow users to see the calendar and change it accross Microsoft Outlook... but as the Microsoft Outlook is set to Brazil timezone the shared calendar that I set to UTC timezone just display wrong time for actions created in the x2crm (for users that´s using different timezones than UTC)... is it possible to add Brazil timezone to users profile? I tryied to use other country that have same timezone (Argentina as example), but as Brasil use daylight saving time the clock in system never comes to be synchronized with the real time...

Please, if someone find a solution, please send us an how to do or a better workaround for this issue...