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In Topic: Editing a logged item under "opportunities" presents a blank window

22 August 2018 - 09:57 AM


In Topic: Setting up a docker container with persistent volumes

02 July 2018 - 06:22 PM

@that0n3guy provided some useful information about volumes (and updates) here:



In Topic: We created a Docker Image for X2CRM

02 July 2018 - 06:18 PM

This is awesome info - thanks a lot for sharing! Definitely useful!

In Topic: We created a Docker Image for X2CRM

26 June 2018 - 12:06 PM

@that0n3guy, super happy to hear that we're not the only ones using Docker also! I'm curious as to how you handle updates? Right now, we're just mounting the whole thing as a volume and downloading from master since the version tags on github are asking for a license key. Do you mount specific folders? And for version tracking, do you just make sure you never delete the old images on Docker? :)

In Topic: Error 500: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[22007]:...

24 June 2018 - 01:34 PM

This problem doesn't seem to occur in a stable environment. My guess is it's because I was playing around in Docker and using a MariaDB container, which was probably causing the database to become corrupt after some time.


This is why we don't run production DBs in containers! Please mark as solved. :)