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Docs sorting by Name - Owner - Date - Visibility

01 February 2019 - 02:02 AM

Hi there X2'ers,


Just a thought that a neat feature would be to be able to sort documents in the Docs module, for easier locating.


As you know the search function does not search docs, emails, quotes etc.  


The Name - Owner - Date - Visibility  headings are non clickable  so if one was trying to locate a doc it becomes a tedious process scrolling down the list 


I'm not sure if this is so by design or a bug from 6.3 ish, when I became aware of it, just never bothered to mention.







SORTED - Upgrade to ver 7.1 missing - SORTED

23 January 2019 - 02:41 AM

Hi Folks


Has the upgrade to release 7.1 been pulled ? 


I have upgraded my dev server to work out the kinks and want to upgrade my  production server but can't seem to find 7.1 via X2crm upgrade utility or on github neither on sourceforge   







Document Template generation and management

20 November 2018 - 10:55 PM

Good morning All;


I have stated before the "weakest" part of X2CRM is the document management side of things, which is a major part of everyday business, we are always busy sending emails, producing quotes/offers, documents, in my case legal contracts that are binding.  The need to produce templates merged with applicable data field is high on everyone's minds.  


We spent some money on a bespoke module to generate documents from all fields that live in various module, that works quite well, it is in my view a little clumsy, using html and css to handle document and printing formatting, and should be 1 click pdf generation.  it  was developed as a necessity, to drive production of legal documents at the click of a button.


Please note Im not  punting the developers, merely sharing a concept that I think X2 should be looking at.     


I have since come across a custom build module to handle the document template generation we faced, although a different CRM package its based on MPDF (opensource) married to Ckeditor. In this instance they call it “PDFMAKER” but its MPDF


It  is developed by it-solutions4you    http://   vtiger-demo.it-solutions4you.com/index.php?module=PDFMaker&view=List&app=TOOLS


Essentially it produces templates for document, quotes, email, reports, etc ) with headers footers.... etc everything one needs to produce a professional printable document.


Anyway if there is a budding developer looking to take this on ... I would be your customer 


Comments and constructive inputs are welcome 





Known Issues with ver 7 upgrade

16 October 2018 - 09:24 PM

Hi folks.


By now you would be aware that Ver 7 upgrade has some unintended consequences, I thought that placing all know effects under one topic will be helpful, please add your findings herein below, I have alerted X2Josef  



1)  Email "Admin.maxFileSize"  -   Error  "Admin.maxFileSize" is not defined. /home/x2/public_html/x2engine/framework/base/CComponent.php L130   

    edit protected/components/behaviors/EmailDeliveryBehavior.php   

    Change   ->        if($size > ($admin->maxFileSize * 1024 * 1024)) { // 10mb file size limit is default

    To           ->        if($size > (10 * 1024 * 1024)) { // 10mb file size limit



2) Database fields:  -  Contacts Module -  renames field "Accounts" (name) to  "Company" (company)  and creates another "Accounts" (name) field which is empty

    there may be consequences if you have workflows or standard documentation with dependencies on Accounts (name) fields in the Contacts module. 

WhatsApp integration - Anyone

01 October 2018 - 02:02 AM

Hello All 


Has anyone considered using  WhatsApp instead of SMS gateways, I have noted that there are various 3rd-party gateway service such as Twilio, based on much the same concepts as Email to SMS  services.


Theoretically its should not be too difficult to do inhouse .... has anyone tried this so far ?   




Thanking you in advance as always