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In Topic: Email template create page in docs module design issue

11 December 2017 - 12:01 AM



I am using linux os .. and i got the source from Sourceforge . After I  installed the source i got this issue in many places.And one more thing i have noticed in campaign module in marketing page i try to paste my html code in email template in docs page sometimes my header will stripped out when i choose that template in campaign page .After i clear it and then paste the same code on that campaign page it will show the header. But first time i load that email template it will not work properly second time i paste the code it will show.

In Topic: Lineitems page need to add calculation

24 May 2017 - 10:06 PM

Hi Raymond,


Actually  thank you so much for your great support  ... :)


I have try to put my custom code on view page like this way ($model->c_newtotal) but i can't able to get the value.Because i have checked the database c_newtotal filed but my work flow calculated value does not updated in that field.Here my screen shots for your reference.Please suggest me some idea and what's the problem on that page.

In Topic: Lineitems page need to add calculation

24 May 2017 - 04:03 AM

Hi Raymond,


Thanks for your reply..


Now i have added the work flow as per your screen shots guidance.you have mentioned  write some custom code to view the new total value.The work flow affected some records and  i can can get the link using  "show trigger log" on that top link in work flow page but it will not show the calculated value.Because i have already display the fields in view page using form editor.So now i will add my custom code on quotes view page to display the {c_newTotal} value?

In Topic: Any possible to add logo in footer

17 May 2017 - 10:54 PM

Ok , Thanks for your reply X2Raymond...:)

One more suggestion

I want to add more field in line items box .Now It's working in sum of these three things(unit price*quantity+adjustment) total value display in Total as per calculation. Now i want to use this total value into another calculation for ex:- one drop down will display with these things (+,-,*,%) and one more field i will enter my amount on that text box when i select the drop down into (-) means it will take my new field value to this format (Total amount  value- New field value).and then it will reflect in that total amount. Similarly, the total should change based on the arithmetic operators mentioned in the drop down box.

Because your line items functionality is pretty good to use but except this line items only don't have dynamic fields adding method. If suppose this feature will be available on that page means it will be very useful 

is there any possibility to perform math operations like add,etc with the calculated field with other field(user typed) ?