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[BUG] - Wrong URL in link to contact list from campaigns

23 June 2020 - 08:32 AM

(8.0, open source edition)


The link to the Contact List that appears on both the "All Campaigns" page (/index.php/marketing) and inside of a Campaign itself (e.g. /index.php/marketing/2) is incorrect. In my case my Campaign #2 is supposed to use Contact List #2, and the URL should be:




however on both of the above pages the link generated is:




which gives a 404 error.


The links on the All Contacts List are fine.

Can't send test campaign emails in 8.0

23 June 2020 - 08:20 AM

Hi all,


After having used 6.2 (on premise, licensed) for years, my company decided to try out 8.0 open source edition to kick the tires before considering a full upgrade. While most things work as expected, I am seeing a few quirks that I don't know how to work around. Most frustrating is that I can't seem to send a test message for a campaign. My steps to reproduce are:


Make a list of a few contacts

Make a new campaign with some test email, and assign the newly-created list. I have one custom variable (c_Salutation) and on regular variable (lastName), not that that should make a difference

Save the campaign so it's active

Click "send a test email"

At this point any contact info that I type in to the "Contact" box returns "Contact not found"


There are no JS errors in the console, and nothing other than the lookup request in the server logs (no errors).


Any suggestions for how I might troubleshoot this?