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#15279 [BUG] Images embedded in emails not attached or inline when forwarded

Posted by PublishItNow on 08 November 2018 - 01:35 AM

Hi Peter,


This happens with both forwarding and replying, and I've tracked the behaviour in both Gmail and Outlook Web interface clients. I've double checked to ensure images aren't being blocked by the client itself.


I'm PM'ing you the actual link that comes through.


The mailbox is managed by Dovecot.


Warmest regards,



#15262 [BUG] Email Module/Widget Bugs

Posted by PublishItNow on 06 November 2018 - 09:42 PM

Hey Guys,


Two bugs for you to investigate:

  1. Sometimes, when you load the email module, and select a checkbox, the icons don't appear to delete move or more.
  2. When you perform an action such as delete in the Email widget, it doesn't refresh and the message: failure appears in the place of the whole widget. The page then needs to be manually refreshed and is functioning properly. This is a consistent bug and happens across all my modules.
  3. Sometimes there will be a new email, the system can see there's a new email, but takes forever for it to make it into the list (~30 minutes). Context: I added a bit of code which displays number of unread email in the tabs, so I can tell the system knows there's a new email. It just takes forever to get into the box (please let me know if you'd like the code in order to incorporate into the code base, it's a nifty little feature).

Looking forward to fixes :D


Warmest regards,



#14884 is there any news about new version or update for x2crm?

Posted by PublishItNow on 25 May 2018 - 07:58 PM

The official news was Version 7 was being released at the end of February. 


However, they announced a new CEO a month or so ago, suggests problems they're trying to solve? Hopefully it'll be solved soon. There's a growing list of bugs that are being acknowledged but just not being looked at. 

Lots of Twitter activity during a seminar so was clearly in selling mode, but nothing for a month and a half now.


And no management activity on the forums, even as an announcement, for a very long time.

#14819 Ability to Display & Update Process Status in Gridview

Posted by PublishItNow on 12 April 2018 - 05:27 PM

Hi Peter,


What I envision is if I have 5 records I want to update at once, I would select those records, select the command, then select the stage I want them updated to. 


Warmest regards,



#14697 email & X2CRM questions

Posted by PublishItNow on 15 February 2018 - 03:36 PM

Hi Radek,


1. Yes. I run multiple inboxes in my system, and you can limit access to specific users if you want.

2. There is automatically an embedded image into emails which will report back to the system with a notification if it's opened. Note this only works if the receiver's email system loads the image, not all of them do.

3. Automatic logging of outgoing emails works very well, haven't had any issues with it.

4. This works quite well. When you open an email, it will log it against the contact record automatically. You need to open it first though.

5. You can schedule campaigns. As for scheduling chunks, you can set batching limits in the settings (I've never broadcast so many at the same time to need them though, so don't know how well that works).

6. There's an unsubscribe link added to all campaign emails automatically. However it will unsubscribe from ALL emails, it won't differentiate between different lists as some systems can. 


Happy to help!


Warmest regards


Publish It Now

#14684 An Open Letter to John

Posted by PublishItNow on 13 February 2018 - 11:49 AM

Hi John,


First of all, can I emphasise how big a fan I am of X2Engine! I love it. On top of a solid CRM, if I want a custom solution, I can deep dive into the code and craft a response to my unique situation. I'm able to fix bugs, and change anything I want. Under the old licence structure I was a paying Pro customer. There are many many positives about X2Engine.


There's been a change over the last 12 months though.


Right now, there's no roadmap, something every tech company at your stage of development has, and requests for one aren't being responded to. It would be great to know whether feature requests are being incorporated into your planning, and if not, why not? You have sent out a newsletter telling us there's a new major release coming this month, but no information about what's in it.


There's still quite a few unresolved bugs being reported in the forums (after all, we are your beta testers). 12 months ago, Raymond was all over bugs, actively working on solutions and active in the forums. These days we get acknowledgement, and little more. No progress updates, even when we've done the leg work to replicate the bug, narrow down the problem or even provide you with the code to fix it. 


Why should you care if an open source user is unhappy with the current situation? I'm getting the software for free right?


I'm working on a custom solution for my business using X2Engine. Having access to premium support to point me in the right direction when I hit a roadblock and getting priority attention on bugs is something I would pay for. In November, I replied to your email broadcast inviting past paying customers to connect and discuss the new paid programs with a clear "I want to pay for your service. Can you please answer these questions". Despite two followup emails on my part, I've heard nothing from your team.


Please let me repeat that. I offered to pay for your product, and I haven't even had an acknowledgement. 


Finally, your current plans don't have a midrange on premises option anymore. I'd be paying for the older Platinum plan right now if you still operated under that structure, a plan that's ideal for my situation at the moment. The closest fit to my needs is your Partner Program.


So what am I asking of you?

  1. Please communicate more. Let us know what your developers are working on. We want to feel like we're involved with the evolution of your product.
  2. Please prioritise bug fixes. This is crucially important to both your open source community, and your paying customers. 
  3. Please ask your sales people to reply to emails. This is business 101. The window where I'm interested in paying is closing quickly, indeed it may have already passed. Having an option that closely meets my needs, but is only available by talking to your sales people makes it difficult to give you money when they don't reply.

I'm not here to create problems. I'm a business owner, and would certainly value any of my customers coming to me to highlight problems they're having with my products. I hope you take this message in the spirit in which it's given, a desire to see X2Engine continue to grow and develop.


Warmest regards,


#14653 Emails being Logged against incorrect records

Posted by PublishItNow on 06 February 2018 - 02:30 AM

Hi Guys,


I've performed a replacement of the whole file system, keeping the config files intact. I restored my changes to the workflow module, these shouldn't affect the display of email actions. 


I investigated deeper when I noticed the email was correctly logged on the correct record. However, when I was browsing through the contacts, and the email popped up on the wrong record, I would delete it from the incorrect record. At this point it would also disappear from the correct record.


This leads me to wonder if the bug is in the display. So I dug even deeper into the database to check this.


I sent a test email to one used by the system (business@) that got correctly logged against record id 1 (my personal record). I then browsed the contact records until I found it showing on record ID 9, in addition to three other test emails I've sent this evening, including one to a different email address (info@). Record 9 has no relationship of any kind with record 1. Both records are manually entered into the system. From what I can tell, all incoming emails from the same address on record 1 are being shown on record 9.


Outgoing emails logged against record 1 are not being shown on record 9.


At this point, I checked the table action_to_record and confirmed it only had a single record against that action id 2018, indicating record 1, as expected. There are no javascript errors on the console.


So there appears the issue with email logging is more to do with the incorrect actions being displayed on a record.


I hope this helps in your debugging. This bug is driving me crazy.


Warmest regards,



#14575 Emails being Logged against incorrect records

Posted by PublishItNow on 17 January 2018 - 03:45 PM

Hi Guys,


I've raised this in another thread, but it's getting serious enough that I need to report it separately to get a bug fix going, rather than it being lost in another bug's thread.


We have 5 different email addresses setup as shared inboxes, with more to come. This is so that there's an email address dedicated to a single area, to keep things separate between each product. 


Incoming emails are being logged against the incorrect accounts. 


I'll receive an email, and it's logged against MULTIPLE contacts, and the contact it's from won't always log it correctly.


The system is correctly identifying the contact from the email address in the Email module (ie I can click through to the correct record from the email module).


I'm using 6.9 at the moment with the issues in the incremental release and none of the bugs patched in the changelog were affecting me, I decided to wait until the next release. 


Additionally, often when it's logged against the correct record, I press reply on the message in the contact record, and there's no body, and no body displayed in the log, until you click the small display button in top right hand corner.


I will note I run another installation for a separate part of my business that runs a single email address, and have never seen this issue in that installation. 


I've attached a screenshot of the actions column from a record to show you what's happening. The first two records are emails received from a different contact. There are no relationships between them. The outgoing email from a campaign and the subsequent open have been correctly recorded. As far as I'm aware the issue is only with incoming emails.


Thankyou in advance.


Warmest regards,



#14442 Additional Filter Option

Posted by PublishItNow on 17 December 2017 - 10:03 PM

Hi Guys,


Would love to be able to filter either by NULL or NOT NULL. This can filter fields in a table that have a value or don't have any value. 


Very useful for example, when working with contacts, and you want to filter only by whether has a phone number, or address, or doesn't. Or in my particular instance, filtering based on whether there's a value in a custom field or not to isolate contacts using a particular product. Tags kinda do this, but this makes sense as a filter option, and would work regardless of whether a tag is or isn't present.


There's a "<>" option, but can't seem to trigger this to display all fields with something, or nothing. 


Warmest regards,



#14309 Gateway Timeout Error 504 configuring email account

Posted by PublishItNow on 19 November 2017 - 11:33 PM

Hi Michael,


I've run into this error also in my attempts to set up email addresses. It's a major bug in the system. If I remember correctly, it occurred to me when I attempted to use TLS encryption. 


However, the work around I'm using is to use SSL encryption in my settings instead. I hope this helps.


Warmest regards,



#14290 Subject Variable Replacement for Test Email from Campaign

Posted by PublishItNow on 15 November 2017 - 03:52 PM

I currently have a test Contact List with my own email in it which I use to test email campaigns while I'm doing development work, it's a simple work around.


Thankyou! Looking forward to the 7.0 release. I'm excited to see what you guys are putting into it.

#13879 Ability to select information to display in Pipeline View of Process

Posted by PublishItNow on 05 October 2017 - 05:43 PM

Hi Guys,


Would be awesome to be able to select what fields we want to display when in Pipeline View of a Process (eg specific fields) just like we can in the Funnel View.


At the moment I'm having to program that information in manually, and it gets messy when you have more than one process for different modules.


Warmest regards,



#13751 Size Limit to Publisher box?

Posted by PublishItNow on 31 August 2017 - 09:47 PM

If I'm reading my database structure correctly, I believe the field is a LONGTEXT type, which can take 4,294,967,295 characters.


Have fun!

#13674 Threaded Email and Attach to record

Posted by PublishItNow on 15 August 2017 - 10:59 PM

Hi Guys,


Threaded emails are a standard feature of most email clients these days, and would be an awesome feature to include in X2Engine. 


Additionally, the email logging feature works well, but what would be even better is being able to manually set an email/email thread to attach to a particular record as well as the contact. EG an email comes in about a specific project, I'm able to specify that email gets attached as a comment to the associated Opportunity/custom module record. Even better if it's an email thread, all replies and new emails will automatically get logged against that record, as well as the contact.


I'm loving the open source nature of the system, and am actively developing it to fit our specific needs. I'm loving how flexible the system is.


Warmest regards,



#13673 Editing/Updating Records for Inline or Grid views

Posted by PublishItNow on 15 August 2017 - 10:21 PM

Hi Guys,


It would be awesome to be able to edit or update a record while Inline or in Grid views, really helps efficiency if we don't need to constantly click into a record.


Being able to edit a record in the relationship widget would be great. Additionally when viewing multiple records in grid view being able to edit the fields directly would make life much easier.


Finally, it would be great to be able to view process stage in the grid views. EG if I have an opportunity that has 1-2 processes, I can select a process or multiple processes to view the stage for.


If there's a simple way to activate these features, through the UI or programmically, please point me in the right direction.


Warmest regards,