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18 March 2019 - 11:02 AM



Zapier Support is almost non-existent for X2, in a day and age where EVERY CRM I can think of is able to integrate to other apps to send data and trigger external processes via Zapier.

It seems I saw something recently which might have been a change in management?  If so, they might be interested in knowing this Achilles Heel is killing X2.

Honestly, we have actually decided to retire X2 over the topic, but after seeing there was hint of new management who might rectify this problem, I thought I would give it one more time.

I love X2 and was even a self-hosted pro paying customer before that model was expired, so I don't mind supporting X2.  However, without better Zapier integration I can't currently grow our hungry maturing start-up because the heart of my system; the CRM is a black data hole.

move in the future and we are already looking for another solution.

Probably Bitrix24.

Hoping someone is finally listening...  Thanks


Error 403 You are not authorized to use this application

06 February 2019 - 09:18 AM

We got this error when logging in.

Error 403 You are not authorized to use this application.

We are running X2CRM 6.0.4

Here is a screenshot.


I found this post and it did not help.