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Was wondering if the weblead files at the base of the x2crm directory (3.3.1) are valid ?

I am looking to protect my crm files (ip or password) and having the weblead and webform (service) outside of the index protected directory would be great !


Thanks for the feedback !


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Yes the old webLead.php and leadCapture.php scripts still work. However, we don't really support them going forwards. The recommended method to handle this is to use the IFrames as listed in the software, but that does cause some issues if you're trying to limit everything in your protected directory to be inaccessible.


The way leadCapture.php works is that it uses cURL and our API to handle Contact creation, but it does lack several features (like creating events in the activity feed and web tracking via cookies) because it's older and because 3rd party cookies aren't an option. Personally, if I had the time I would scrap the whole leadCapture.php script and re-write it to use our ApiModel.php class which is a very easy to use interface for our API. The whole script would be much shorter and easier to read... but I digress. 


Anyway, if you want to use leadCapture.php, just copy webLead.php, leadCapture.php, and webLeadConfig.php from your web root to wherever you need them, and make sure that webLeadConfig.php has the correct URL, user, and user key stored in it (these should be set up by default). From there it will use the API to connect to your server and create Contacts. Please note that if index.php/api/create is inaccessible then it won't work.



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