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X2CRM 1.0 Released at last!!!!

Guest X2Matthew

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Guest X2Matthew

X2CRM is finally out of beta!!!


Today we released the long awaited version 1.0 1.0.1. X2CRM is officially out of beta. This GA (General Availability) release ships with more complete translations for all 9 language packs, including much-improved Chinese translations, numerous bug fixes, improvements to performance, and the fully-featured studio for building and customizing modules in the software. You have full control over form and view layout, field types and labels, dropdown menus, and more. Introduced in the last build, X2CRM now has a dashboard with interactive sales pipeline reports in the form of pie and bar graphs.


We've done a good amount of testing so there should be fewer bugs from now on. As always, we are very appreciative of any bug reports, feature requests and other feedback about X2CRM. The software wouldn't be what it is today without all of your input.


We just released version 1.0.1 which contains numerous small fixes. Thanks everyone for the quick bug reports!


X2CRM 1.0.1 Changelog

- Various bug fixes and small improvements

X2CRM 1.0 GA Changelog


- Various bug fixes

- Translations are now mostly complete (except workflow and admin page). Expect a patch with the rest this week.




Automatically updating to this version will not work at the moment. We will be posting a file on x2community.com to download so that you can automatically update to this version.











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