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Web lead capture send email, form customization, translation

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I have many doubts about web lead capture. Could somebody help me?


1. How do I configure the web lead form to send an e-mail to the user assigned?

2. How do I translate the web lead form?

3. How do I customize the form appearance (CSS)?

4. Can I add or remove fields from capture forms?

5. Is there a list of captured leads? Where?


Thank you very much.

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1) That's something that's very possible with the Automation Engine (a pro feature) or custom coding. The service case form does this by default but contact forms do not.

2) That's an interesting thought... there's no way to set a language for logged off users, so the app uses the Admin's language in that case. So if you set the admin language to Spanish or Russian the web lead form will appear in that language.

3) Basic customization can be done with the Web Lead form editor in the Marketing tab, but really it's just an iframe to protected/modules/contacts/views/contacts/webLead.php so you can modify that to change things more deeply.

4) Yes, on the professional version of the web lead form editor.

5) Not by default, but an easy way to do this would be to use the web lead form editor to apply the tag "weblead" to all web lead contacts and then make a list of all Contacts with that tag.



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