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X2 How-To: Profile Settings

Guest X2Matthew

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Guest X2Matthew

Hey everyone, this is the first of many how-to guides on X2Contacts. Eventually we plan to publish complete documentation for every feature and addon. Today we're covering the Profile Settings page. You can get to this by clicking "Profile" at the top right of the screen, and clicking "Settings".



Start Page

This is the page you will first see when you log in. The default is "What's New", which shows you a list of records that have changed since your last login. You can select any other tab that appears on the main menu.


Results Per Page

This sets how many results to show per page on list views like "Contact List" and "Action List". Note that for Actions, only half this number will be displayed on each list since there are two lists (completed and incomplete).


Show Social Media

This refers to the Social Media fields on Contact records (facebook, twitter, etc). It just sets whether Social Media is expanded by default. If this is set to "No", you will still have a link to expand out the Social Media fields when viewing/creating a contact.



Your preferred language. Note: the login screen will still be in the default language chosen at install, but everything else will be shown in your preferred language. Also, any custom module names in the main menu will not be translated unless you modify the translation files.


Time Zone

This allows X2Contacts to accurately show dates and times in your local timezone. Note: if you choose a city in your area (not just the same GMT offset), daylight savings (DST) should be configured automatically.



X2Contacts has an easy-to-use theming system. You have several options:


Background Image: This image will be scaled to fit the background. Note: background sometimes does not resize properly; this is a known bug and should be fixed in an upcoming release. To maximize server compatibility, we cannot currently generate thumbnail images. This may be fixed in a future release. For now, you can select a background image by clicking on the name, and upload your own by using the "Upload Background" dialog at the bottom of the page. When uploading, you can select "Private" and only you will be able to see your background image in the list. Otherwise, all users will be able to see it. You can also delete backgrounds that you have uploaded by clicking the [X] link next to them.


Background Color: If there is no background image, this color will fill the background.


Menu Color, Menu Text Color: The color scheme for the main menu. A good use for this is to style X2Contacts with your corporate color scheme (it is only a per-user setting right now, but we will probably add admin controls in a future release).



You should see a color picker appear when you click on a color field. Clicking on the checkerboard icon will clear the field and the default color (X2Engine theme) will be used. You can also manually enter the hex code for the color if you want. Finally, when you select a new color, the page will change to your new color. However, you will still have to save your settings or this color will be lost. The "Save" button will light up to remind you.

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Hi Matthew, I am not able to get the start page to change to anything other than "What's New". I have tried all users accounts with same result. No errors that I am aware of. It just brings me to What's New every time I log back in. Even though drop down in Change Settings still shows (in my case) Calendar.


Also, did the Show Social Media drop down go away (as in no longer a part of the software)?


thanks in advance,



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Guest X2Matthew

Hi Declan,

There does seem to be a bug with the start page setting. I'm sure it is a simple issue so it will be fixed in the next public release. As for the social media option, that is no longer necessary because social media is now a collapsible section using our customizable form system. If you want to completely eliminate it, you can use the form editor (in the admin tools) and delete it (Careful, there is no undo. You might want to make a copy of the layout instead of modifying the original).



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I recently updated to 5.0.7 and cannot access the preferences page at this time.  I've tried logging out and back.

Everything else seems fine.


Thx in advance,


Sorry if i'm putting this in the wrong place.



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