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Batch operations on campaign contacts

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Are there any plans on adding the possibility to add tags, or perform other operations to the contacts in a campaign that fullfil certain condition (i.e. opened the email).


I believe a good usage scenario would be to tag all contacts that didnt open an email in order to posteriorerly create a new contact list that may receive a special email for such contacts.



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Guest X2Matthew

We've wanted to set up mass editing for a while now. It may be some time before you can do it this way, but the marketing automation system to be released in version 3.0 will let you do exactly what you described using drip marketing flows. You'll be able to specify that contacts should receive email X, and then email Y for those that haven't opened it by a certain date or what have you. You'll also be able to set up automatic tagging, for example if a contact does open an email, then they're given a tag, and you could then build a list on that.

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