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I am trying to build a web lead capture script using the example code (from the wiki). The Contact is created as advertised except 
for trackingKey. It is never populated. Any guidance would be appreciated.

open-source version 8.5

require 'APIModel.php';
$attributes = $_POST;
$contact = new APIModel('admin','7uoHGRIBlb0lKym56ieiDf3c7idzCCP7','www.host.domain/path/to/x2');
$fieldMap = array( // This map should be of the format 'your_fieldname'=>'x2_fieldname',
foreach($attributes as $key=>$value){
        $contact->{$fieldMap[$key]}=$value; // Found in field map, used mapped attribute
        $contact->$key=$value; // No match anywhere, assume it's a Contact attribute
$contact->contactCreate(); // Call API to create contact
Header('Location: host.domain/redirect'); // Redirect to homepage
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Hi Rordalls,
Can you check your api log to make sure it is hitting it correctly. Also I would check to see what fields are required for your contacts and make sure you have them all filled.

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Thanks for the reply.

API Log output:

2023/03/14 16:26:03 [trace] [application.api] Checking user record.
2023/03/14 16:26:03 [trace] [application.api] Checking for valid model class.
2023/03/14 16:26:03 [trace] [application.api] Checking user permissions for API transaction.

Email is the only required field and it is being sent. To reiterate, the contact record is perfect except the trackingKey field is empty.

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