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Status of X2CRM -- November 2022

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HI, I've been a long standing user of a paid version of X2CRM (own deployment, perpetual license). Not currently in use; version 5."something". Reviewing the CRM options today available to us, we conclude that X2CRM can still do the job. Originally, the multi-pane home page was very attractive, the amazing depth of functionality based on a powerful database -- AND especially "bubble up" extensive notetaking AND table-based data. So many commercial CRM systems really don't have a clue. X2CRM's momentum and outdated UX of course were always apparent. (Thru the 90's I was a big fan of Maximizer. They ruined the product, but theoriginal vision was genius. X2 came close to achieving some of Maximizer's good functionality.)

QUESTION TODAY (after reading ots of Forum posts and Github posts and reviews and the homepage): What is the status of X2? Nothing seems to have happened since 2019. Is Version 8.* still viable? Are the versions of X2CRM available via hosting sites (V 7.1 typically) going to work? Is the X2CRM business enough to support the software investment that could really realize the amazing promise of the original vision? Who is running the shop these days? 

Thanks for any information! Here's hoping for good news!



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Hi JHMorris,
First let me thank you for being a long time user. X2 is still active and being updated to this day. Since 2019 we have made big updates, PHP 8 compatibility, and smaller updates, new outlook and google oatuh2 integrations, to list a few. There should be no issue with hosting any of our current or past versions of our app. Since before my time starting here, about 4 years ago, we have been under the stewardship of CEO Dave Buchanan who has extensive knowledge and history in the field of CRMs. We plan to continue work to make X2CRM one of, if not the best, CRMs on the market. If you want to discuss in more detail your questions about upgrading to an 8.0 build feel free to contact our lead Sales Engineer Tom Carroll at tomcarroll@x2engine.com.
Hope I've answer most of your questions and that we can keep you using our CRM.

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This appears a relevant thread to post that I'm digging around to assess the overall Open Source state of affairs.  Obviously 100% related to "Status of X2CRM -- November 2022" since there are community members that are likely to be using an open source version... if anyone is using it.

There are posts around that seem to indicate its been 5+ years since any community manager or person affiliated with ongoing development efforts and the projects relationship to open source - - and no indication or evidence of any type of open source related events in any recent period of time.

Does anyone browsing through have specific knowledge of the Status of X2CRM at present as it relates to the "community edition" of the x2crm suite? (open source version from github/sourceforge)

Thanks, in advance!

(I'll monitor for a bit and might post an independent thread if needed - just seemed like this fit very well here - thank you!)

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As an X2 user for many years, I share your concern about the ongoing development and support for the X2 Open Source version. While I have found X2 to be the best and most flexible small business ERP system, it seems that the versions 8.1 is now quite old and unsupported, and I have more than 20 customer installations of various complexity that need to be updated.

I would appreciate it if anyone from the X2 team could give us some indication of whether or not X2 still intends to support and offer an open source version in the future. I believe this would not only benefit current users like ourselves, but would also attract new users who are looking for a strong and flexible ERP solution.

In my experience, X2 is stronger as an ERP solution than a marketing solution, and I appreciate the front-end flexibility that John and some of the original developers included in the product. Recently, I have implemented a couple of large scale ERP systems which ended up being very expensive for the client and completely inflexible, further emphasizing the importance of having a solid and reliable ERP system like X2.

Can X2 Team maybe give some indication?

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