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Permissions hierarchy

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I've been playing around with x2crm's permissions and I'm not sure if what i want to achieve is achievable.

i want  to set up the permissions to achieve the following:


team 1

sales person 1

                            team leader

sales person 2

                                                     sales manager

team 2

Sales person 1

                          team leader

sales person 2


Where sales person level only see their own individual contacts/accounts/quotes... Team leader level only see/access their own and staff below data and the sales manager sees all data.

Looking at the available buttons and the way i think the permissions work, im not sure if this is possible.

If it is id be very interested in knowing how.



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Hi PilgrimofIT,
Our permissions in the app don't allow for hierarchy, just assignment to users or groups. We have implemented what you described in a couple of enterprise clients but it can not be set up with out some code changes to you instance.

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