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X2Workflow - Passing data from the original record to a linked record in a workflow

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My scenario is as follows: I have several Opportunities that are linked to a single Contact. I'd like to be able to calculate the total $ value of all opportunities of the same Contact every time an opportunity is created/updated.

  • Under Contact, I created a custom attribute Total Amount (contact.c_totalAmount)
  • I created a workflow that is triggered by an Opportunity being created--> Change Record:  to the related Contact --> Update Record: Total Amount = {c_totalAmount} + {opportunity.quoteAmount}

I expected that a Chained Attribute won't work, because there's no link from Contact to Opportunity, but there is one from Opportunity to Contact. Is there a way for me to pass opportunity.quoteAmount  of the Original Record, to be added in a formula to contact.c_totalAmount?

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Hi Katia,
Currently there is not a way to update the value of related record in the workflow.
The best option I think is to use the API call workflow action to call your own system and update your contact record with data from the opportunity using the NameId value stored in the link for opportunity to contact.
You could have Total Amount be a formula field and have it be equal to c_totalAmount plus another field where you would store the value from opportunity. But make sure the fields you use in the formula have a default value, NULL or unset values can cause issues when the system tries to do the math.
Here is a link for more info about our API.

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Hey Jack,

Thanks for all the tips. The only issue with the API is that it fails authenticating. We're hosting our X2CRM with X2, and I suppose that you work there :)

Anyway, in another thread, a solution was mentioned by updating the .htaccess file, which I don't have access to. Another thread mentioned disabled ports. I'm wondering if you'd have any pointers for me?

Thank you.


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